Gojo Industries | Purell & Provon Line of Products

Makers of Purell and Provon. Gojo's products combine progressive product formulations, carefully engineered dispensing technology and scientifically based education and training programs that encourage healthy skin care behavior. The resulting skin care programs are the most extensive and comprehensive in the industry.

Madico Antimicrobial Films

Madico, together with Agion Technologies, has developed a coating that enables the production of a suite of Antimicrobial Overlay Laminates (AMO). These durable AMO films help make health care centers, hospitals and food processing facilities’ surfaces cleaner by resisting the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus. One such film, the AMO-400, is an easy-to-apply film that can to be retrofitted without any training, allowing facility workers to inhibit the growth of microbes on countertops, sinks, walls, tables, electronic screens –– virtually any surface.

  • Osteological Specimens

Osteological Specimens

Human & Animal Real Bones & Replicas For Anatomy, Anthropology & Archeology