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Mobile Telemedicine Solutions by Avizia (via Kaizen)

Sesneber is proud to offer latest cutting-edge mobile telemedicine solutions by Avizia in partnership with Kaizen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries.

For more information or to setup a consultation appointment, please ask to speak to Mr. Faisal Al-Khateeb or Mr. Agha Atif at +966-11-454-1222.

The following material is copyrighted by Avizia:

Avizia’s telemedicine carts and peripherals connect your physicians, specialists and their patients at the point of care – making it easier to collaborate with care teams to deliver higher quality care — from anywhere. Our telemedicine devices are standards-based, meaning they seamlessly connect with your existing infrastructure and applications.

Introducing The CA750

A powerful and versatile telemedicine cart for a wide range of medical applications.
Avizia’s flagship telemedicine cart, the CA750 is an easy-to-use, integrated, and powerful video collaboration system designed specifically for clinicians and to maximize mobility at the point of care.

The CA750 is highly configurable, making it ideal for a wide variety of medical uses, including remote patient consultations, virtual care, and medical education.


  • Intuitive controls simplify use and allow providers to focus on patient care
  • Dual screens are available for simultaneous consultation and data entry
  • Seamlessly integrates with your telemedicine peripherals
  • Battery options allow untethered use for nearly an entire nurses shift
  • FDA Class I registered medical device


  • Easy to Implement – flexible telemedicine solutions that are easy to set up and connect to your existing infrastructure
  • Easy to Use – streamlined designs make our telemedicine technology easy to use with minimal or no training
  • Patient Safe – FDA Class I registered medical devices tested to international safety standards
  • Integrated – built-in Wi-Fi to connect our telelmedicine carts to your EMR, workflow software and other back-office systems

Patient Benefits:

  • Save time and money when seeing a specialist
  • Reduce patient wait times
  • Manage conditions before they escalate
  • Gain access to specialized emergency and critical care
  • Gather information about medical conditions prior to transport

Clinical Benefits:

  • Connect the right provider with the right patient during critical moments in the delivery of healthcare
  • Extend access to your specialists and coordinate resources to facilitate more effective, efficient care
  • Use clinicians’ time more efficiently
  • Avoid or delay unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits
  • Collaborate with clinical care teams and share expertise with others
  • Reduce travel costs and lost productivity associated with continuing education
  • Integrate seamlessly with your EMR and other back office systems

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Mobile Care Unit by Normeca AS

The MCU or Mobile Care Unit is the only portable medical kit system which offers ultrasound (for examination of internal damage, broken bones, heart, pregnancy, etc.) and orthoscopic needs (examination of ears, nose and throat) plus many more options.

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Mobile Telemedicine Clinics by Normeca AS

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