• Telemedicine | Mobile Care Units (MCU)
Telemedicine | Mobile Care Units (MCU)

Mobile Care Unit by Normeca AS

The MCU or Mobile Care Unit is the only portable medical kit system which offers ultrasound (for examination of internal damage, broken bones, heart, pregnancy, etc.) and orthoscopic needs (examination of ears, nose and throat) plus many more options.

The scanned images (both video and still) can be sent to your medical center in real-time for instant observation and analysis. In addition, the MCU allows for both urine and blood samples.

The “user” does not need to have a medical background; the “user” can be directed by medical experts and doctors remotely. Live video makes it very easy for the doctor to have the “on-site feeling”. The MCU screen allows for both sides to see three windows (1 of the patient, 1 of the doctor and 1 of the exam pictures/video being shared/transmitted). All exams are accessed through an online touchscreen user interface.

The MCU carries out the exams/diagnostics automatically and sends the results in real-time to the medical center and/or other doctors or specialists any place in the world via multiple forms of telecommunication (satellite, LAN, WLAN, 3G, WIFI, PSTN). All examination information is sent in real time. If there is no connection, the information is saved in the MCU and can be sent at a time when network/communication becomes available. The size of the data transmitted is very small/compressed, much like a few words written for a text message.

Telemedicine | Mobile Care Units (MCU)

More Information

The MCU is a portable, fully automatic, robust system which allows you to do a complete physical examination (Ultra Sound, Orthoscopic, ECG, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, Spirometry/Lung Capacity, Pulse Oximetry/SPO2 with more) onsite and in any place in the world. It allows anyone, even with very little medical knowledge, to perform a complete medical examination according to instruction provided by the doctor via “telemedicine”.

All examination functions in the MCU are fully automatic.

In regards to the ECG you only need to place the ECG reader box on the patient’s chest — not a lot of cables with sticky tape which need to be correctly placed.

This is ideal if you just have used the defibrillator in the MCU kit and needs to monitor the patient’s situation.

The MCU is capable of automatically performing the following functions:

  1. Ultrasound (to examine for broken bones, heart or internal bleeding)
  2. Orthoscopic (for ear, nose, throat exams)
  3. NIBP – Blood pressure — which is performed and read automatically
  4. ECG – Heartbeat (without adhesive sensors)
  5. Defibrillator (Heart starter)
  6. SPIRO – Measurement of lungs capacity
  7. SPO2 – Measurement of oxygen in blood
  8. Other analysis and tests (blood glucose, cholesterol, urine analysis, vision, hearing)
  9. Test of Malaria, HIV, Hepatitis
  10. A Camera allows for real time visual examinations

The MCU can be delivered in a suitcase or built into a cabinet in a Van like Mercedes, Sprinter or similar car, together with an examination table, small office and other equipment if needed as a complete and fully mobile clinic with its own laboratory.

This system is a very good solution for countries lacking medical services to quickly solve the critical requirements’ problems in an affordable and easy way. If you set up a central medical facility with specialists within the different areas, they can support many teams at the same time in the field. Only patient’s with “real” needs of medical treatment and/or surgery in a hospital need to be brought in.

If you already have hospitals and clinics/healthcare centers in your country, but with missing equipment and/or doctors and nurses, set up an examination clinic at each location connected to one or more central facilities with medical specialists. If you lack hospitals and clinics, set up the necessary number of mobile clinics to go around to the areas which need this kind of services. In this case we can also offer semi-permanent hospitals ready to be used in any place in the world — including management and all necessary staff if needed.

The MCU is also perfect for onboard use on ships, oil installations and platforms.

We can offer complete packages including management, medical specialists and other necessary staff to run the operation during the time we are training your local staff to take over the operation after an agreed period of time. Please contact us today for more information and an informal offer.

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