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PRI Bio Hazardous Waste Treatment Systems

Experts in biohazardous waste management and sterilization systems

PRI Bio, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, is the global leader in Tissue Digesters and Effluent Decontamination Systems servicing Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Labs; Zoonotic Research Facilities; Centers for Disease Control; and Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing operations.

For more than 30 years, PRI has advanced the science in hazardous liquid and solid waste treatment, specializing in the design and manufacture of sterilization and digester equipment. PRI’s thermal products are currently used in over 35 countries worldwide, with over 3,000 units installed.

PRI Bio’s flexible and modular Digester and Effluent Decontamination System designs are specified for BSL-2 through BSL-4 facilities, including BSL-3 AG/Enhanced. PRI’s equipment can operate in batch or continuous flow modes, vertical or horizontal orientation, thru-the-floor or thru-the-wall configurations, with or without containment bioseals, and even with wet or dry discharge options.

PRI Bio offers facilities the largest array of design and configuration solutions for effluent and tissue waste treatment, ensuring the best result for our clients.

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Industry Applications

  • Government

    Biodefense, Diagnostic, Agriculture Health

  • Pharmaceutical

    Research Labs, Production Facilities

  • Healthcare

    Hospitals, Forensic Labs

  • Universities

    Veterinarian Labs, Research Labs, National Bio Containment Labs, Regional Bio Containment Labs

AutoFlow™ Continuous Liquid Treatment System

AutoFlow™ is a continuous liquid treatment system in a compact footprint. Systems can incorporate validation ports, and both clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP), to maintain clean piping and to protect employees. The high-throughput, low-energy consumption, small footprint and simplicity make AutoFlow™ models well-suited for a wide range of applications, from pilot plant labs to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

More Info: www.pri-bio.com/autoflow

ThermoBatch™ Batch Treatment System

ThermoBatch™ is used for applications with variable waste streams, including solids. The system offers batch kill tank sterilization. Effluent is collected and treated for a set period of time to achieve sterilization prior to discharge. With ThermoBatch™, drains, sinks, showers, process waste, and other effluent streams can be directed through the system

More Info: www.pri-bio.com/thermobatch

Thermal Tissue Digester™ – Carcass Sterilization System

The Thermal Tissue Digester™ offers a revolutionary advancement in carcass treatment and disposal, using heat and agitation to break down and sterilize tissue, with or without alkali. Systems are designed for safety and efficiency, offering the lowest total cost of ownership for onsite carcass sterilization. It is offered with a liquid discharge to sewer, or a dry discharge for sterile landfill disposal

More Info: www.pri-bio.com/thermal-tissue-digester

Horizontal Thermal Tissue Digester™ – Carcass Sterilization System

The Horizontal Thermal Tissue Digester™ offers a revolutionary advancement in carcass treatment and disposal, using heat and agitation to break down and sterilize tissue, with or without alkali. Systems are designed for safety and efficiency, offering the lowest total cost of ownership for onsite carcass sterilization. The horizontal design offers dual lab loading through multiple hatches, while using minimal lab space.

More Info: www.pri-bio.com/thermal-tissue-digester

ThermoDecon™ Simple Batch Liquid Decontamination

ThermoDecoN™ is an efficient and economical small batch effluent system, developed for facilities where cost control and conservative utility use are of chief concern. With simple operation and maintenance, this innovative low-pressure system is capable of high level disinfection. The ThermoDecoN™ is a perfect solution for small specialized research facilities, modular or mobile labs.

More Info: www.pri-bio.com/thermodecon

AutoFlow Sink™: Liquid Treatment at the Point of Use

Liquid waste treatment that works directly within the sink itself. Liquid is collected and heat-treated within a small tank built into the sink cabinet. Designed for facilities where central treatment systems are not present, or to accompany situations where treatment is best when contained within the suite.

More Info: www.pri-bio.com/autoflow

pH Neutralization Systems

Fully integrated pH neutralization systems. Multi-stage or single-stage, continuous flow or batch neutralization systems designed to monitor and regulate liquid waste streams. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your effluent decontamination system, ensuring that treated waste is properly balanced prior to discharge.

More Info: www.pri-bio.com/ph-neutralization

ChemFix™ Liquid Disinfection & Neutralization System

Validated batch disinfection and neutralization system. Designed as a simple, dual-purpose liquid disinfection and pH neutralization system, chemically treating low level bacteria while ensuring waste is compliant with local regulations. Validatable process offers treatment assurance.

More Info: www.pri-bio.com/chemfix



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