• Personal Protection Products
Personal Protection Products

Personal Protection Products

What We Have to Offer

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  • PPE BPL Kit
    A set of disposable suit, goggle, N95 mask, groves and shoes cover.
  • PPE BPL Kit Light
    The disposable gown is worn on top of the disposable suit (no,1) to be sure to be protected from the virus.
  • Face Shield
    To wear this face shield on top of the goggle and masks will give you more safety to protect your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • N-95 Mask
    A package of N95 mask (20pcs/box)
  • Surgical Mask
    A package of surgical mask (50pcs/box)
  • DIF Transbag
    Disinfection transportation bag can be used with positive and negative pressure for transporting infected patients. It can be placed on stretchers and wheel chairs.
  • DIF Hood
    A protection hood with ULPA filter which cuts 99.9995% particles of size 0.1μm.
  • Body Bag
    Disposable transport bag with a window for dead bodies. Size: W800xL2250mm, Weight capacity: 160kg

Sesneber offers consultancy services for the implementation of comprehensive infection control solutions and practices for various sectors, including of course the medical sector. Our expertise covers a comprehensive list of areas associated with infection control, including:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Use of personal protective gear
  • Safe handling and disposal of sharps
  • Safe handling and disposal of chemical waste
  • Managing blood and bodily fluids
  • Spillages
  • Decontaminating equipment

  • Ebola (Virus Disease)

Ebola (Virus Disease)

Learn more about EBOLA virus disease and what we have to offer -- from personal protection gear to flatpack containers based Ebola clinics.

  • Infection Control

Infection Control and Antimicrobial Solutions

Comprehensive range of infection control products: hand sanitizers, antimicrobial soaps, surgical scrubs, antimicrobial masks, disinfection surface wipes, surgical skin preparation products and disposable pulp products. Services include consultancy for infection control methods for small to large facilities; manufacturing of products with antimicrobial quality; disinfection and disposal of contaminated Biohazardous waste management and sterilization systems waste/byproducts. Now offering Bio-containment Facilities (BSL-3-Ag Labs and BSL-4 Cabinet Lab Capabilities). Now offering Bio-containment Facilities (BSL-3-Ag Labs and BSL-4 Cabinet Lab Capabilities) and complete small to large scale biohazardous waste management and sterilization systems.