• Disposable Pulp Products
Disposable Pulp Products

Disposable Medical Pulp Products

We carry a complete line of disposable pulp products made of 100% recyclable and biodegradable material. We strongly recommend the use of these products, as opposed to the traditional metal or plastic versions, to reduce the chances of contamination and spread of infectious diseases, especially for hospital and home-care use. All our products are liquid proof for up to four hours.

What We Have to Offer

Disposable Female Urinal
  • Detergent Proof Wash Bowl 4L
  • Bulbous Male Urinal
  • CS Receiver
  • Midi Slipper Pan Liner
  • General Purpose Bowl 3L
  • Square Male Urinal
  • Graduated Measuring Jug
  • Maxi Slipper Pan Liner
  • General Purpose Bowl 1L
  • Kidney Dish
  • Bedpan Liner
  • Commode Pan Liner
Disposable Pulp Products

  • Infection Control

Infection Control and Antimicrobial Solutions

Comprehensive range of infection control products: hand sanitizers, antimicrobial soaps, surgical scrubs, antimicrobial masks, disinfection surface wipes, surgical skin preparation products and disposable pulp products. Services include consultancy for infection control methods for small to large facilities; manufacturing of products with antimicrobial quality; disinfection and disposal of contaminated Biohazardous waste management and sterilization systems waste/byproducts. Now offering Bio-containment Facilities (BSL-3-Ag Labs and BSL-4 Cabinet Lab Capabilities). Now offering Bio-containment Facilities (BSL-3-Ag Labs and BSL-4 Cabinet Lab Capabilities) and complete small to large scale biohazardous waste management and sterilization systems.