• Mobile Telemedicine Clinics
Mobile Telemedicine Clinics

Mobile Telemedicine Clinics by Normeca AS

Expand your healthcare services to rural areas. A complete solution by Normeca AS.

  • Mobile (semi-permanent) hospital based in flat pack containers.
  • With a medical call center linked up with mobile telemedicine clinics.
  • No need for full-time doctors to operate the clinics (as long as they are connected to a medical call center staffed with necessary doctors).
  • Complete setup can be operated by nurses and trained staff.

  • Telemedicine | Mobile Care Units (MCU)

Mobile Care Unit by Normeca AS

The MCU or Mobile Care Unit is the only portable medical kit system which offers ultrasound (for examination of internal damage, broken bones, heart, pregnancy, etc.) and orthoscopic needs (examination of ears, nose and throat) plus many more options.

  • Avizia

Mobile Telemedicine Solutions by Avizia (via Kaizen)

Avizia’s telemedicine carts and peripherals connect your physicians, specialists and their patients at the point of care – making it easier to collaborate with care teams to deliver higher quality care — from anywhere. Our telemedicine devices are standards-based, meaning they seamlessly connect with your existing infrastructure and applications.



  • Mobile Field Hospital

Mobile Medical and Research Labs and Field Hospitals

Design and manufacturing of complete range of mobile medical and research solutions, from ambulances and mobile hospitals to fully equipped and fully staffed field hospitals (permanent, semi-permanent, container based, expandable-container or tent based).