• Waldner Laboratory Furniture

    Scientific Lab Design

    Now representing Waldner GmbH

  • Medical Gas Solutions

    Medical Gas Solutions

    Ministry of Interior Turnkey Project

  • Anatomy Lab Design

    Princess Noura University, Riyadh

  • Plastinated Human Specimens

    von Hagens Plastination

  • Anatomy Lab Design by AFOS

    Dissection Lab by AFOS

    University of Birmingham

  • Antimicrobial Disposable Curtains

    Cubicle Curtains

    Disposable Recyclable Antibacterial

  • Flatpack Based Ebola Clinics

    Ebola Clinics

    Flatpack Containers Based Ebola Clinics by Normeca AS

  • Bio-containment Facilities

    BSL-3-Ag Labs and BSL-4 Cabinet Lab Capabilities

  • Bio-containment Facilities

    BSL-3-Ag Labs and BSL-4 Cabinet Lab Capabilities

  • Mobile Bio-containment Facilities

    Analytical and Bio-Containment Labs up to BSL-3

  • Medical Technology Group
  • Mobile Field Hospital

    Mobile Field Hospital

    A Project by Normeca for Mecca, Saudi Arabia

  • Medical Simulators

    Gaumard Scientific

  • Gubener Plastinate | Brain

    Plastinated Human Specimens

    von Hagens Plastination

  • Mobile Lab Example

    Mobile Lab Example

  • Real Animal Plastinated Specimens

    von Hagens Plastination

Welcome to Sesneber International

Siemens Business Partner

Sesneber is now a Siemens Business Partner for Saudi Arabia -- Details Coming Soon

Our Areas of Expertise

Comprehensive range of infection control products: hand sanitizers, antimicrobial soaps, surgical scrubs, antimicrobial masks, disinfection surface wipes, surgical skin preparation products and disposable pulp products. Services include consultancy for infection control methods for small to large facilities; manufacturing of products with antimicrobial quality; disinfection and disposal of contaminated waste/byproducts. Now offering Bio-containment Facilities (BSL-3-Ag Labs and BSL-4 Cabinet Lab Capabilities).

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Medical simulation and training models; real human and animal plastinated specimens; osteological models and specimens and educational media. Consultancy services and turnkey solutions for set up of medical simulation centers, including mobile facilities, emergency training centers and effective classroom design.

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Complete range of anatomical products, including anatomical models, real human and animal plastinated specimens, anatomy lab equipment and furniture.  Consultancy services and turnkey solutions for set up of anatomy labs, including setup of audiovisual equipment.

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Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources: complete range of veterinary products, including models, real animal plastinated specimens, veterinary lab equipment and furniture. Consultancy services and turnkey solutions for set up of veterinary labs, including services for handling large animals and specialized ventilation systems.

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Specialized products and services for the dental sector. Our latest partner includes TEKSCAN (USA).

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Complete range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment from leading manufacturers. Consultancy services and turnkey solutions providing design and setup of physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments including research labs.  Consultancy services for the upgrade and reorganization of existing physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities taking into account the local patient requirements.

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A comprehensive range of products and services for medical gas solutions for hospitals and medical and scientific laboratories implemented by fully qualified and certified staff to meet the complete needs of any project.

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Medical equipment & supplies, including cytogenetics products; scientific & teaching equipment, cutting-edge glucose monitoring devices.

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Design and equipping of medical and scientific labs including custom manufacturing of lab equipment and furniture.

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Design and manufacturing of complete range of mobile medical and research solutions, from ambulances and mobile hospitals to fully equipped and fully staffed field hospitals (permanent, semi-permanent, container based, expandable-container or tent based). Now offering mobile telemedicine clinics.

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From compact and luggable mobile care units allowing for field patient examinations and diagnosis to mobile (semi-permanent) hospitals based in flat pack containers with remote connectivity at all levels for providing complete healthcare services in rural areas.

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Consultancy services for design and setup of anatomy, rehabilitation and general medical and scientific labs; medical simulation centers; effective classroom design; mobile medical and research facilities; field hospitals and command and control centers; infection control methods; hazardous waste management and disposal.

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From concept to completion: identifying project requirements and possible vendors and solution providers; handling logistics with respect to acquiring products, installation/deployment; training for doctors, engineers, teachers and staff; providing full-time onsite support for clients throughout the life cycle of the products.

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Training and educational services for medical and teaching faculty and staff in related fields. Training opportunities are available locally and overseas.

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Offering latest cutting edge technology based solutions for the medical sector, including 3D printing services and RFID / Apple iBeacon / NFC based solutions for management of personnel and assets.

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Providing medical research and development activities in the areas of Medical Education and Simulation, Technology Based Medical Solutions and Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation. Additionally our R&D department can serve as an extension to your own R&D activities. We also investigate and provide data/feedback on any medically related topic/inquiry.

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What’s New with Sesneber

  • Waldner Laboratory Furniture

WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen

Waldner provides state of the art SCALA laboratory furniture system which is based on a modular principle. Depending on the situation and requirements, it can lead to completely new layout solutions or supplement existing furniture. The consistent adherence to an ingenious size grid for the basic components provides a maximum of design possibilities in every functional area of the laboratory.

  • Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table

Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table

The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education and is being adopted by many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions.

  • makerbot-head

3D Printing (Dental, Cardiovascular & Orthopedic Surgery)

We offer complete 3D biomedical printing solutions and services for pre-surgery preparation needs, dental evaluation and implants and other related needs.