About Us

Established over a decade ago, Sesneber International is a supplier of cutting-edge medical products and services to not only customers in Saudi Arabia, but all of the Arabian Gulf and parts of the Middle-East.

Made up of several different divisions, Sesneber International’s main areas of concentration include:

    • Infection Control and Antimicrobial Solutions.
    • Medical Education and Simulation.
    • Anatomical Teaching Specimens and Real Human Tissues.
    • Anatomical Lab Design, Equipment and Consultation Services.
    • Medical and Scientific Labs, Clinical Design and Furniture.
    • Mobile Medical and Research Labs and Field Hospitals including Telemedicine Options.
    • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
    • Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources.
    • Scientific & Technical Teaching Equipment.
    • Medical Equipment & Supplies, including Cytogenetics Products.
    • Surgical and Dental Instruments and Disposables.
    • Medical Gas Solutions.
    • Technology Based Solutions including RFID Based Solutions.

Additionally, we offer consultancy services in the areas listed above and also offer complete turnkey solutions – from project inception to completion. As examples of our capabilities…

    • We can custom design, manufacture and equip medical clinics, scientific and anatomical labs and classrooms.
    • We can provide complete setup of field hospitals and other medical facilities including equipment and even required staff to operate such facilities.

What differentiates Sesneber from other distributors and suppliers in the region is the fact that we not only market and promote existing products but invest in the research and development of the latest medical technology solutions. Our efforts range from working with companies who may be currently involved in the development of latest and cutting-edge medical products to working with local universities and other medical research and teaching institutions to determine their current and future needs for not only products but medical services that they may be lacking.

Please feel free to contact us today with any of your needs or let us know if you would like for one of our experts to visit you for consultation.