Medical Gas Solutions

Sesneber offers a comprehensive range of products and services for medical gas solutions for hospitals and medical and scientific laboratories. We maintain fully qualified and certified staff to meet the complete needs of any related project. Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Medical Compressed Air / Surgical Plants.
    • Medical Vacuum Plant Systems.
    • AGSS Plant Systems.
    • Automatic & Emergency Manifolds.
    • Area Valve Service Units (AVSU) Area & Master Alarms.
    • Line Ball Valves with Locking Options.
    • Medical Gas Outlets.
    • Medical Gas Copper Pipes & Fittings.
    • Pendant Ceiling, Bed Head and Patient Beds.

List of featured projects:

    • AI Hammadi Hospital – Installation, Testing And Commissioning.
    • Dr. AI Mishari Hospital – Installations Testing And Commissioning.
    • GSO Bed Hospital MOH – Complete Systems Testing And Commissioning.
    • GSO Bed Hospital SAIRA – Complete Systems Testing And Commissioning.
    • GSO Hospital SALWA – Complete Systems Testing And Commissioning with Cath-Lab., Tomotherapy, Gamma Rooms, M.R.I., and CT Scan, New Medical Gas Pipeline System Testing and Commissioning.
    • King Fahad Medical City Hospital, Children Emergency, M.R.I., CT Scan (Subcontractor for Medical Gas Installations).
    • King Fahad University Hospital – M.R.I., CT Scan. Treatment Rooms (Subcontractor for Medical Gas Installations).
    • National Guard Hospital – M.R.I., Medical Gas Pipeline Work and Installation of Medical Equipment inc. Pendant Wall Outlets Bed Head Units.
    • AI Falah Hospital – Complete Installation inc. Plants Systems, Oxygen Manifold, Air Plant & Vacuum Plant.
    • Lo.R.K.H – Renovation of CT Scan and M.R.I. (Subcontractor for Medical Gas Installations).
    • King Fahad Hospital Dammam – Installation of Medical Air Plant.
    • King Faisal Research Center – Complete Installation of Medical Gas Systems.
    • National Guard Medical City Hospital – Supply and Installations of two Different Vacuum Plant Systems.