Mobile Medical and Research Labs and Field Hospitals

Sesneber specializes in designing and manufacturing, either locally in Saudi Arabia or in collaboration with our partners in North America and Europe, complete range of mobile medical and research solutions — from ambulances and mobile hospitals to fully equipped and fully staffed field hospitals (permanent, semi-permanent, container based, expandable-container or tent based).

With the help of our partner, Normeca AS, we are now offering mobile telemedicine clinics allowing any healthcare facility to expand their services to rural areas.


However, this is not the extent of our product range as we also possess expertise in supplying specialized medical units (such as CT-Scan or dental units) and custom built medical research units (such as cancer / breast-cancer screening units).

Sesneber also provides bio-containment solutions ranging from advanced biological safety equipment to high containment mobile and fixed laboratories.

To provide the customers with a truly one unique source for all their related requirements, we can also supply complete range of EMS related medical equipment and supplies such as immobilization equipment (backboards, splints), advance life support equipment (Automatic External Defibrillators – AED’s



Featured Product: Mobile Medical Clinics


Available in Custom Configurations

  • General Medical Clinic
  • Dental Unit
  • Cardiovascular/ X-Ray Unit
  • Mobile Operatory Unit
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Mammography Unit

Type I, II and III. We can also supply compact frame and motorbikes based emergency service vehicles for congested/busy area uses (download brochure).

In partnership with US manufacturers, Sesneber provides containment solutions in the Arabian Gulf. We can supply advanced biological safety equipment and high containment laboratories to meet the critical demands of diverse applications.

The Class III Biosafety Cabinets are trusted internationally, serving laboratories that operate at the highest levels of bio-containment. The Mobile & Modular Labs are in service worldwide for a range of public health, research and emergency preparedness missions. For example, the mobile units are deployed for high profile events such as the Olympics and G8/G20 summits.


    • Radiology & Mammography Diagnostic Unit
    • Gynecologic/Obstetric Unit (OB/GYN)
    • Ophthalmic Unit
    • Dental Unit
    • Orthopedic/Traumatology Unit
    • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    • Clinical Analysis Laboratory Unit
    • Surgical Unit
    • Vaccination Unit

40 and 100 Bed Fully Equipped and Fully Staffed Field Hospitals.

Mobile hospitals and clinics based in:

    • Tents
    • Containers
    • Flatpack Containers
    • Quick Shelters
    • Trailers
    • Ships
    • Existing Buildings

Our solutions feature:

    • Transportation to the site of use.
    • Ready for use a standard solution taking no more than 48 hours for the complete installation process.
    • Complete with necessary infrastructure and utilities such as electricity, light, heat, air-conditioning, kitchen facilities, food, water supply, showers, toilets, etc.
    • Training of local staff.


High pressure inflatable tents and frame tents including all accessories like NBC protection, sunscreen, lightening, compressors, AC and heaters.

Expandable and Non-expandable Medical Containers

We can deliver quick deployable expandable and non-expandable shelters with a rapid assembly solution. The shelters can be interconnected and detached as needed and feature a modular construction system allowing the structures to be expanded as required. Our expandable range is based on the standard ISO 20′ shipping container, and these expandable shelters can be tailored to meet the customers’ demands.

Flatpack Containers

Modular prefabricated hospitals, accommodations and other buildings that can be designed with flexible dimensions for the demands of the client. Each unit can be combined horizontally or vertically and dimensions can be altered for transport. During transportation four containers make one 20′ container making shipping easier and at a lower cost. The units and layouts can be tailor made according to individual customer needs and specifications.

MultiSpace Trailers

We can deliver quick deployable expandable and non-expandable MultiSpace trailers with a rapid assembly solution. The MultiSpace trailers can be interconnected and detached as needed. The MultiSpace trailers can be tailored to meet the customers’ demands including custom lengths with or without expandable sides from 1 to 2 meters on one or both sides. If there is a need for more space the trailers can be built with an additional foldable section on each side for up to 2 additional meters; this gives a floor space up to 130 squared meters. If this is not enough the trailer can be built with a 2nd floor.

Expand your healthcare services to rural areas. A complete solution by Normeca AS.

    • Mobile (semi-permanent) hospital based in flat pack containers.
    • With a medical call center linked up with mobile telemedicine clinics.
    • No need for full-time doctors to operate the clinics (as long as they are connected to a medical call center staffed with necessary doctors).
    • Complete setup can be operated by nurses and trained staff.


We can deliver a broad range of decontamination units including protective gear.

Through our partners, Normeca AS, we can supply floating hospital based on catamarans, complete inc. helicopter platform, ready to use.


    • Completely Autonomous.
    • Fully equipped with electricity, water and services.
    • Immediate on-site operation.
    • Can be supplied with all required medical equipment and supplies, including consumables.
    • Staff consisting of doctors, nurses and engineers available as an option for field medical facilities


We plan the unit to fit your requirements from a medical, mechanical, technological and geographical point of view.

Project Service

We transport the product to the end destination, train the end users, and guarantee technical assistance and after-sales service.


All the equipment installed can be operated autonomously using the unit’s generator. If ultrasound, magnetic resonance and cardiology capability is required, suitable products can be installed.

Technical Characteristics

The mobile unit can be equipped with the following:

    • Built-in furniture and appliances and supplies
    • Electric generators
    • Emergency lighting
    • Air-conditioning
    • Heating
    • Medical gas
    • WC
    • Water tanks: for potable and waste water
    • Aseptic operating theaters
    • All consumable supplies

Complete, fully equipped and self-contained field hospital setup by Normeca AS within 3 months from the start of the project at a remote location.
Image provided courtesy of Normeca AS