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Thermotron Cytogenetic Drying Chamber CDS-5

From: Thermotron Industries:
Developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic, Thermotron’s Cytogenetic Drying Chamber, the CDS-5, was specifically designed for conducting Cytogentic slide drying tests during harvest of in situ and non-in situ grown cultures. The CDS-5 provides the optimum controlled temperature and humidity environment, required to achieve ideal chromosome spreading results. As evidenced in research conducted by the Cytogenetics Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, the CDS-5 facilitates reliable and repeatable chromosome spreading. Through Mayo’s research it is demonstrated that optimum metaphase areas can be obtained at various combinations of temperature and humidity. The use of an environmentally controlled drying chamber is a practical and cost effective way of achieving ideal chromosome spreading in a routine and highly consistent manner. Favorable chromosome spreading results can be obtained for both in situ and non-in situ cultures including PHA stimulated lymphocytes, bone marrow, amniocytes, and fibroblast.

  • Thermotron’s CDS-5 incorporates many beneficial features that make the chamber very easy to work with.
  • Specially designed arm ports provide maximum comfort and maneuverability inside the workspace of the chamber.
  • A full view Polycarbonate door allows complete visibility of the entire workspace, making routine slide processing practices very convenient.
  • An interior light brightens the inside of the chamber making precise tasks easier to accomplish.
  • The door lip acts as a handy, out-of-the-way storage spot for supplies used in the slide preparation process.

Our Cytogenetic Slide Drying System adapts nicely to laboratory surroundings as it operates very quietly and rejects a minimal amount of heat to the surrounding area. The chamber interior workspace has been maximized while still maintaining overall exterior dimensions to accommodate movement into and through the laboratory. The chamber is self supported by a base that provides a comfortable work station, ergonomically designed to invite technologists to prepare slides in the sitting position. Casters are incorporated for mobility, allowing the chamber to be easily moved about the laboratory.

The CDS-5 reaches the desired slide drying condition in a minimal amount of time. Temperature, humidity, and airflow systems are designed to optimize control and consistency. A relatively wide range of temperature and humidity conditions (20°C to 40°C and 25% RH to 75% RH) lend to the chamber’s versatility. Baffling is provided in the top and bottom of the chamber to limit the effect of airflow over the slides and to provide uniform gradient specifications throughout the workspace. Annoying fixative fumes are readily eliminated from the workspace via an exhaust port.

Useful accessories may also be purchased to enhance productivity. Half-depth shelving allows trays of prepared slides to be set out of the way. A flask holder can be supplied to secure an aspiration flask to the outside of the chamber and free-up additional workspace area. Several other optional accessories can be added to the chamber such as: vacuum pump / Erlenmeyer flask suction apparatus, refrigeration gages, circular chart recorder, and computer interface.