Disposable Recyclable Antibacterial Cubicle Curtains

We are proud to offer disposable recyclable cubicle curtains with antimicrobial quality built-in to the fabric lasting the lifetime of the curtain.

Quick, Economical and Hygienic alternative to conventional cubicle curtains


UltraCare silver antimicrobial additives (EPA registered) are not a spray-on, but built into the polymer structure of the non-woven fabric at the time of manufacturing. The antibacterial active is evenly distributed throughout the whole curtain. Its effectiveness lasts the life of the curtains.

Quick to Change
The curtains have been designed to be fully compatible with existing popular tracks. The curtains weigh far less than conventional curtains and are extremely easy and quick to install and change in less than 30 seconds!

The curtains are resistant to the following organisms:

  • Clostridium difficile
  • VRE
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Aspergillus niger
  • C.albicans
  • MRSA
  • Escherichia coli
  • Enterococcus faecalis
  • Salmonella choleraesuis
  • Serratia marcescens

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